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Starting to decorate your room is a big step that takes lots of planning. When you're starting from scratch, there are a lot of questions you must ask yourself the following questions: What will my color scheme be? Will it have a theme? Sugary-sweet or classic and timeless? The list of questions goes on. With so much planning, it may be overwhelming to redecorate. Fear not! I will guide you through it~

Part One: Blueprints

It may be helpful to draw some blueprints of your room. They don't have to be super-accurate. They can be the sloppiest things imaginable to man as long as they show the current and future arrangement of your furniture.

I made one and it isn't accurate. It has too much available space, it shows me I could fit more things in there, but I know I can't. Common sense~ You could just look at your room, but I think this exercise is pretty helpful. It enables you to visualize the furniture in your room. Use a large piece of furniture to help draw others to scale. I used my bed in my blueprints.

Part Two: Finding Furniture (if needed)


Depending on your situation, you might want some new furniture. If you're thinking of getting a new bedframe, try to remember if you still have your childhood one. Canopy beds are cute and classy, and pretty common in children's bedrooms. If you had one, maybe you could put that one up. If the paint is chipped, try repainting it pink for a sweet room, or black or jewel tones for a gothic or classic room. The canopy part would be really cute if it was made of dotted tulle. (Angelic Pretty style, anyone?)

You could also try looking at The Headboard Store if you're in the market for a new headboard. There are tons of cute, loli-esque headboards here. I also recommend looking around the local furniture store, because last time I was there, they had some really cute Disney princess beds available in Twin and Full sizes. The prices weren't too outrageous, but they're still considerably expensive. They would work nicely with Sweet and Classic styles.


Accenting is a fun way to add a flick of flair to an otherwise plain room. I find that hunting for your accent pieces is even more fun than seeing the finished product of your room. What is an accent piece? I couldn't really define it properly here and now, but it's basically something in a room that gets your attention almost instantly. Take a vanity table, a twig deer mount, or an elaborate candelabra for example. Accent pieces can be that difficult, or it can be as simple as an area rug, or a vase of flowers.

Jewelry Armories/Wardrobes:

If you don't want to mix your lolita clothes with your normal clothes, try adding a wardrobe. There are plenty of cute ones everywhere, but I'd be more than happy to link you to some if you'd like. Jewelry armories are a smart and cute way.

NOTE: Please tell me if this is something you'd be interested in. If it is, I'll continue making guides like this.


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Feb. 26th, 2010 12:10 am (UTC)
Thanks for the guide, it was helpful! I think a vanity table would also be a cool addition. vanity tables are awesome.
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