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Found something adorable at ROSS!

This was $7.99 at ROSS. It's a crystal jar shaped  like a cupcake. A CUPCAKE!! x3 I was pleased to find out after I bought this that the same jar was going for nearly $28 on Amazon. Its very nice the label said its made in Ireland. Very nice ^^


I found a Japanese furniture store that has really cute furniture fit for a lolita. :3


I don't know if they do overseas shipping, but I fell in love with the furniture when I browsed through that website.

"Cutie Interior" Scans

I was surfing the net today and found some scans of a Japanese interior magazine called "Cutie Interiors".
Most of these rooms can totally be used for decorating a lolita room. ♥

Onward!!Collapse )


Starting to decorate your room is a big step that takes lots of planning. When you're starting from scratch, there are a lot of questions you must ask yourself the following questions: What will my color scheme be? Will it have a theme? Sugary-sweet or classic and timeless? The list of questions goes on. With so much planning, it may be overwhelming to redecorate. Fear not! I will guide you through it~
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Here is an Etsy store that sells really cute furniture!
I'm sure it's cute enough for any sweet or classic lolitas out there.


Welcome to loli_rooms ! Before you go off and have fun, I have a few things to say.

Post pretty much anything you want.
No porn or offensive material will be allowed. You will be banned immediately if you are caught posting such things.
Offtopic and Sales posts are allowed! I encourage you to post them. Just don't let it get out of hand.

Keep the comments nice? If you don't like what's posted, don't comment.
That being said, keep profanity to a minimum. Carry and intelligent conversation, please!

Thanks for reading this! ♥